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Invited Speakers

Ralph Steuer (University of Georgia, USA)


Ralph E. Steuer is the Charles S. Sanford, Sr. Chair of Business in the Department of Finance of the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia. He received an Sc.B. (electrical engineering) from Brown University, an M.B.A. (accounting & finance) from Cornell University, and a Ph.D. in Business Administration (quantitative methods) from the University of North Carolina. He is the author of “Multiple Criteria Optimization: Theory, Computation and Application” and of the ADBASE multiple objective linear programming package. Steuer’s research interests are in multiple-attribute portfolio theory, efficient sets and surfaces, multiple objective programming, and interactive procedures.A recipient of the Lamar Dodd Award for Creative Research in the Sciences from the University of Georgia and a Distinguished Alumnus Award from the University of North Carolina, he was a co-founder and has served as President of the International Society on Multiple Criteria Decision Making, a society that is now up to 1,900 members from over 90 countries.  In addition, he has been advisor to universities in emerging countries on the establishment of curricula in management and has been Honorary Dean of the School of Industrial Management at the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology in Vietnam since 1991.

Prior to joining the University of Georgia, Steuer was a Visiting Associate Professor at Princeton University (one year) and on the faculty at the University of Kentucky (eight years).

Belaid Aouni (Laurentian University, Canada)


Dr. Belaïd Aouni holds a Ph.D. and a Master in Operational Research from Laval University, Canada. He is regularly invited to participate as a referee in several scientific journals. He has published a large number of papers in prestigious peer reviewed journals. He has been guest editor for several special issues of a) European Journal of Operational Research, b) Information Systems and Operational Research, c) Journal of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis, and d) International Transactions in Operational Research. His research interest is focused on multi-criteria decision aid, multi-objective programming, multi-attribute financial portfolio selection, optimization and operations management. He is member of several scientific associations in operational research. He is a past president and vice-president of the Canadian Operational Research Society.

Fouad Ben Abdelaziz (Rouen Business School,France)


Fouad Ben Abdelaziz is currently Professor at Rouen Business School, France. He was a Senior Fulbright scholar at the Rutgers Center for Operations Research, Rutgers University, NJ. He received his PhD in Operations and Decision Systems from Laval University, Canada. He is a leading researcher in multiobjective stochastic optimization. He was among the first to propose solutions to the combinatorial multiobjective problems and is an expert in fuzzy goal optimization programming. Aside his publications in outstanding journals, he served as Co-Editor as well as Guest Editor of special issues of International Journal of Operations and Quantitative ManagementEuropean Journal of Operation Research and Fuzzy Sets and Systems. He was the chair of the conference MOPGP 2004 and the ICMFII 2011. (More details)